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Protect a fellow Jew with a 60 second prayer each day.

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1 minute prayers

1 Minute Inspirational videos

April 6 - Praying 3 times a day

April 4 - Singular and plural prayer

April 3 - Different ways to refer to prayer

April 2 - 3 ingredients to prayer

April 1 - Start the day with gratitude

March 31 - Back to the basics prayer

March 24 - We become what we do

Weekly Inspirational videos

November 2

Featuring Charlie Harary, Inspirational Speaker and Raphael Poch, United Hatzalah First Responder

October 19 session

Hear from a survivor from the music festival and join us in prayer for the safety of Israel’s army and all its citizens.

October 12 session

Hear from a soldier on the front lines, and join in prayer for the safety of Israel’s army and all its citizens.